Bookings / Application Forms

Bookings can be made by downloading and completing an application form and license agreement and sending them with the booking deposit (€300.00) to validate your application to the following address: Manager’s office, Cúirt Na Rásaí, Ballybrit, Galway.

Please make all payments payable to: Cúirt Na Rásaí Teoranta.

NB: “To avoid disappointment, please inform the office by phone or email if you are posting your deposit and forms so we are aware the application is coming" 


If we are at full capacity and you are on the WAITING LIST, we will not present the €300.00 deposit cheque for payment until such time that a vacancy arises (for which you will be notified) and the position accepted by the applicant.

Acceptance of offers

Payment of the first moiety (room rate x 22 weeks) plus €700.00 (for electricity and utilities) is due no later than the 18th of August at 4pm. If payment has not been received by this date the position will be released for rebooking without deposit refund. Rooms will be available from Wednesday the 13th of September at 3.00pm.

6 equal instalment payments are also accepted. A standing order must be set up for the 5th of each month for 6 months to cover the period from September to February. There is a once off administration fee of €200.00 if you wish to pay by the instalment option.

Licence agreements will need to be signed before the first moiety payment. (both licensee and guarantor must sign the terms and conditions to validate the licence)

Second semester payment (room rate x 16 weeks) is due no later than the 8th of December at 4pm. If payment is not received before this or on this date the position will be released for re-sale without deposit refund.

A full inventory list will also be issued detailing the contents of the apartments. Once you are satisfied that all the items are present, this list must be signed and returned to the accommodations office no later than the 30th of September.

Students are required to present their college ID to the accommodations office at Cúirt Na Rásaí no later than the 30th of September 2023. Your college ID will then be used for security purposes and reference at the apartments.


In the event where a student has paid the booking deposit  in full and fails to be offered a place at ATU or for any other reason chooses not to occupy the position offered to him/her at Cúirt Na Rásaí an administration fee of €150 will be deducted and the balance deposit refunded on notification to Cúirt Na Rásaí by the 18th August.

All notifications of cancellation of booking/placement must be received in writing or by email from the student/Guarantor on or before the 18th August, 2023
  • There are no booking deposit refunds after the 18th August.
  • Other refunds are at the discretion of the Management.
The information given on the application form is for the information of applicants and may be subject to change. It does not constitute a contract or part thereof between Cúirt Na Rásaí and a student or third part.